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Fruit First featured by Muar Yuen Chen Xiang 麻坡源珍香




🎁 麻驿好品:Fruit First 龙珠果干与黄梨干

MuarYi Premium is a collaborative initiative to support local brands in Muar. MuarYi Premium Gifts of year 2021 are brought to you by MuarYi, Muar Yuen Chen Siang and Preface, and a few participating local brands, namely Muar KSK, Bella Ragazza, Intuition, Fruit First and Khoo Teck Cheng.

While gifting these goodies as Chinese New Year gifts, you are directly supporting and contributing to the promotion of the Muar culture, food and art. Muar is home, Muar brand, 100% made in Muar, support local.

从麻坡原产地批发水果,制成水果干。吃得健康的同时,也在这个新春一解游子的思乡之情 。吃天然果干,今年硕果累累!



2021年,麻驿、麻坡源珍香与Preface携手推介麻驿好品,结合麻坡关圣宫、Bella Ragazza、植觉、Fruit First及 邱德清老师联手企划新春福气礼品,以人文之美点亮麻坡这小城市。

因此,你在新年送礼的同时,也在推动麻坡艺术文化方面献出一份力量。 家宅麻坡,麻坡品牌,100%麻坡制造,支持本地原创。

Full Article: https://www.facebook.com/yuenchensiang/videos/262880158522733

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